Hurleurs Dothraki (Dothraki Screamers)

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“While it would be easy to categorize the Dothraki as a mindless horde of screaming barbarians, their method of attack looks precisely as such to the untrained eye. A Dothraki khalasar can have many thousand horsemen, even the least of which has spent more of his life in the saddle than otherwise. Although lightly armored, Dothraki horsemanship is honed to such a degree that it’s difficult to land a blade on them, even when engaged in close melee.”


Vitesse | 6

Attaque| 3+

Dés d’attaque | 75

Défense| 5+

Moral | 6+

Type d’unité | Cavalerie

Coût | 6


Chaque figurine de cette unité possède 3 Blessures.
Au début de son activation, cette unité peut effectuer une action de Manœuvre gratuite.