Karstark Spearmen (EN)

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One of the worst things a cavalry charge can encounter is a bulwark of troops in tight shield wall formation with spears leveled to impale anyone that gets close. This exact maneuver is what the House Karstark Spearmen train relentlessly for, making them perfect for protecting flanks and rearguard of an army.

The House Karstark Spearmen Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Stark players a new defensive unit on the field. Armed with sturdy spears and large shields, they sit patiently and away the enemy’s attack, turning away even the most brutal assaults. Their training comes to the forefront when engaged with a single enemy, able to negate potential bonuses of positioning their foes might possess.

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  • 12 figurines
  • 1 plateau de déplacement
  • 1 carte Unité

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Dimensions 22.6 × 15.5 cm
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9 avis pour Karstark Spearmen (EN)

  1. Thierry A. (client confirmé)

  2. Nicolas J. (client confirmé)

    Belle unité !

  3. Florian (client confirmé)

  4. Nathan G. (client confirmé)

  5. stephane chaumeny (client confirmé)

    Jolies figurines (rare en Stark !) et superbe artwork, pas encore eu le temps de les tester mais satisfait de les compter parmi mes troupes disponibles

  6. axel tuaux (client confirmé)

  7. Anonyme (client confirmé)

  8. Anonyme (client confirmé)

  9. claire de Monclin (client confirmé)

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