Drowned Men (EN)

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Armored with only their faith and armed only with deadwood cudgels and other detritus from a storm-wracked shore, the Drowned Men make surprisingly effective support for followers of the Kraken banner. Their presence in battle signifies the Drowned God’s blessing, bolstering men to fight past their wounds and strike all the harder against their foes. While few in number, the Drowned Men’s faith is such that they can survive even killing blows. That said, strong as their faith may be, a wise commander should not be putting these fanatics in the vanguard. Working with flankers or in direct support of the line ensures the Drowned God’s blessings are shared equally arnong his people.

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  • 5 Figurines (3 Unités, 2 Attachements)
  • 3 Carte Unité
  • 2 Cartes Attachements
  • 3 Plateau de Déplacement

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Dimensions 22.6 × 15.5 cm
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4 avis pour Drowned Men (EN)

  1. GUILLAUME L. (client confirmé)

  2. Jean-Loup (client confirmé)

  3. Marc Naczynski (client confirmé)

    Des ploucs en toge qui soignent et font taper fort. Que demander de plus !?

  4. Jean-Louis Barichard (client confirmé)

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