Shadow Tower Spearmen (US) (date de sortie inconnue)


At the western end of the Wall is the Shadow Tower and the men of the Night’s Watch quartered there. Like all brethren of the Night’s Watch, the Shadow Tower Spearmen wear black leather and stained steel, which are best suited for shelter from the legendary cold of the North. Spearmen excel at protecting the flanks, as they are adept at dealing with enemy charges of both cavalry and infantry and carrying out devastating counterattacks before their opponents can get the drop on them. If necessary, spearmen can hold firm the center of a battle line, but ideally they should be kept on the move. They are also not the best troop to lead an offensive action, but it is very easy for them to support such a maneuver.

Pré-commande, date de sortie inconnue.

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  • 12 figurines
  • 1 plateau de déplacement
  • 1 carte Unité


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